Dr Tim Craggs
Group Leader

Tim obtained his MSci in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge in 2002, and completed his PhD there in 2007. He has been a lecturer in Chemical Biology at the University of Sheffield since 2016.

Ben Ambrose
PhD Student

Ben is a 3rd year PhD student working on developing single molecule techniques for measuring short-range interactions. He enjoys personifying inanimate objects by adding googly eyes to them, and completed his MChem degree at the University of Sheffield.

Dylan George
PhD Student

Dylan is a 2nd year PhD student co-supervised by Tim Craggs and Ashley Cadby in the Department of Physics. He is studying the development of a high throughput single-molecule FRET system. In his spare time he likes watching and playing rugby .

Alice Rhind-Tutt
PhD Student

Alice is a 1st year PhD student using SAXS and smFRET techniques to investigate the RnaseH2 enzyme and it’s role in mutations linked to Aicardi-Goutiere Syndrome. She graduated from the University of Liverpool with an MPhys degree in 2019.

Becky Coxon
MChem Student

Becky is in her final year of undergrad at the University of Sheffield. Her masters project is focused on protein purification and gold nanoparticle SAXS, and in her spare time she loves going for walks with her dog, Ollie.

Callum Johnston
MChem Student

Callum is a final year undergraduate studying chemistry at the University of  Sheffield. His project is based on smFRET of biomolecules and his pastimes include playing bass.

La Zhuo
MRes Student

La is an MSc student in the group. She completed her undergraduate degree in Applied Chemistry at Dalian University of Technology in China. Her project focuses on gold nanoparticles and labelling DNA, and in her spare time she likes to travel.



Anna van den Boom | Erasmus Student


Marleen Aaldering | Erasmus Student

Matt Willmott | MChem Student

Connor O’Neil | MChem Student


Emily Evans | MChem Student

Tristan Johnston-Wood | MChem Student | currently a PhD student at University of Oxford

James Piggin | MChem Student


James Baxter | MPhys Student | currently a PhD student at Imperial College London

John Cully | MPhys Student | currently a PhD student at University of Oxford