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PhD Positions

Craggs lab is hiring! We have two exciting fully-funded PhD projects available on

From Live Cells to Single-molecules: Unravelling the interplay between 3D genomic structure and gene expression

Funded by the MRC DiMeN DTP , this studentship is focused on applying state-of-the-art single molecule imaging techniques to study the molecular basis of DNA condensation and its impact upon gene expression. You will be part of a new, multidisciplinary collaboration between the Dept. of Oncology and Metabolism and Dept. of Chemistry with close ties to the Sheffield Institute for Nucleic Acids.

The Conformational Dynamics of Two-Way DNA Junctions: A common first step in aberrant DNA recognition?

This BBSRC funded White Rose Doctoral Training Centre studentship  will focus on the conformational dynamics of aberrant DNAs. Experimental data from single-molecule FRET, fluorescent lifetimes spectroscopy, and other biophysical techniques will be combined with molecular dynamic simulations (with Kresten Lindorff-Larsen in Copenhagen) to produce the most detailed view of aberrant DNA conformational dynamics to date. This multidisciplinary approach will help us understand the first step in aberrant DNA detection.

PostDoc Positions

We are always happy to host talented scientists for Fellowships in our lab. If you would like to join the lab via this route, please contact us directly, with your CV and project ideas, and we will try and support you in your application process for external funding.